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ACBC Certified Counselors


Pastor Mark Kelly

Mrs. Kathy Kelly

 We see folks with all kinds of problems, but the most common would be those struggling in their marriage, helping parents with their children, those dealing with sexual sin, and those struggling with their emotions (e.g. depression or anger). In all cases, we use the Bible, God’s Sufficient Word, to answer the problems of life.


 About ACBC:

~  The National Association of Nouthetic Counselors is a fellowship of Christian pastors and laymen who have banded together to promote excellence in biblical counseling. NANCwas founded in 1976 in service to Christ to address several needs in the biblical counseling community.

 ~  NANC exists to help pastors and those who would be ministers of the Word of God by providing help and encouragement. NANC is first and foremost a certifying organization. The certifying process is rigorous but attainable by even the busiest pastor. The process consists of the completion of an approved training course, the completion of both a theological and a practical counseling test, several references, and a minimum of 50 hours of supervised counseling experience.

~ In 2013, NANC voted to change its name to The Association of Certified Biblical Counselors.

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