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          Welcome to the FBC Missionaries web-page.
This page is dedicated to the faithful Missionaries of Faith Bible Church that do not currently have their own website.  On this page you will find additional information about some of the Missionaries FBC supports.
            Mark and Babe Smith - British Columbia

Mark and Babe have been serving the Lord Jesus Christ among the St'át'imc people in Lillooet B.C

North America Indigenous Ministries is a multicultural team that exists to glorify God through building the Church by making disciples among North American Indigenous peoples, to reach the world for Christ.

                             Rubein Garcia - Mexico

: Pastor Rubein is committed to serving his Lord and Saviour.  He was saved, trained and sent under the ministry of Pastor Peter Raymond. He is the Pastor of Iglesia Bautista la Gracia that is currently under construction to include a Children’s Home.  The Lord is using Pastor Ruben in several ways: teaching at the Bible Institute at Iglesia Bautista la Esperanza, planting a second church, and helping to strengthen other churches in Juarez.

Sending Church & Pastor

Iglesia Bautista la Esperanza

Juarez, Mexico

Pastor Peter Raymond

For Gifts & Financial Support

Central Missionary Clearinghouse

P.O. Box 219228

Houston, TX 77218

Memo: Peter Raymond/Rubein Garcia

                   Alan and Katherine Niles - Togo
Alan and Katherine are serving in Togo, West Africa with ABWE. They are working with a team in the northern region of Togo among an unreached  people group. They are involved in community development and eventually church planting.
                Edson and Marly Rodrigues - Brazil

Pastor Edson started his ministry at the deaf church in Petrolina under missionary Doug Reiner.  He has completed four years of study at the Baptist Seminary at Cariri.  He was married to Marly in Dec. of 04, who also attended the Seminary. In his last year of study their practical student ministry was is the city of Exu, where they felt the Lord calling them to serve as missionaries. His desire is to establish churches in the cities between the Cariri valley and his home city of Petrolina ,thus forming a line of Bible Believing Baptist Churches where there are presently none. Exu is the first city in line, where they are presently serving in Emanuel Baptist church.  

prayer and financial support:
church building project: --check to : BMM
PO box 308011
  Cleveland, OH. 44130-8011
     memo: Doug Reiner buildig-Exu

                    Harold and Joan Reiner - Brazil

Harold and Ruth Reiner

Harold and Ruth Reiner joined Baptist Mid-Missions in 1948. After arriving by an ocean freighter in Belém, Pará, in 1949, the Harold Reiners studied Portuguese in Juazeiro do Norte, Ceará, with private tutors. In Portuguese, Harold is known as “Haroldo.”

The first missionaries in Brazil worked in various churches simultaneously. This causes dates to overlap when referring to the different churches.

In 1949, Harold and Ruth began working with Guy McLain at the Mucuripe Regular Baptist Church (Igreja Batista Regular de Mucuripe) in the fishing village of Mucuripe, Fortaleza, Ceará. This was the first Regular Baptist Church in the city of Fortaleza. According to the church’s website, the church was started on December 19, 1934. Before Guy McLain helped the church build its first building in 1948, the church met in houses and occasionally in rented buildings. Harold worked at this church from 1949 to 1954. From 1948 to 1954, the church grew while Guy McLain and Harold Reiner were working there.

From 1952 to 1954, Harold and Ruth worked with Guy McLain at the Parangaba Baptist Church (Igreja Batista Parangaba) in Fortaleza, Ceará. Once again he helped with the preaching and taught in the Sunday school. While he was working at the Parangaba church, Harold built the Big House dorm for the elementary students studying at the new MK school, Fortaleza Academy.

From 1955 to 1958, Harold worked with Guy McLain and Jim Willson at the First Regular Baptist Church of Juazeiro do Norte (Primeira Igreja Batista de Juazeiro do Norte), in the Malvas (now downtown) subdivision of Juazeiro do Norte, Ceará. This church was on a foot path three miles from Juazeiro do Norte. He helped with the preaching and taught in the Sunday school.

From 1950 to 1952, Harold and Ruth also worked at the Barbalha Baptist Church (Igreja Batista de Barbalha) Barbalha, Ceará. Other missionaries that were working at this church during that time included: Charles Hocking, Tom Willson, and many nationals. Harold preached when invited, and he worked on the construction of the building. Pages forty-one through forty-three of Punching Holes in the Darkness, the BMM of Brazil book (1988, compiled by George Kircher), tell of a persecution event that happened at the city’s first service.

In 1956, Harold and Ruth founded the Assaré Baptist Church (Igreja Batista de Assaré) Assaré, Ceará. While traveling there by plane from Juazeiro do Norte, Harold began this work.  After founding the church, he worked there from 1956 to 1960. While Harold and Ruth were at this ministry, Ruth became sick and, after a ten month battle with cancer, went to be with the Lord. From 1960 to 1964, Pete Brooks took over this work and ministered there.  During this time, Pete Brooks also organized the church.


Harold and Joan Reiner

Joan Cook joined Baptist Mid-Missions in 1958. On April 1, 1960, she and Janet Roudybush arrived in Brazil. Joan studied Portuguese for six months with a private tutor. On April 29, 1961, Harold and Joan were married.

In 1961, Harold and Joan started working at the Iguatú Baptist Church (Igreja Batista de Iguatú), located in the center of Iguatú, Ceará. They ministered at this church from 1962 to 1980. During this time, they began the congregation at Campos Sales, reaching it by plane. The congregation was later organized by Bill Kettlewell. They also began the congregation at Bom Succeso by going there by plane, and later the congregation became part of the Igreja Batista de Xixeló.

In 1976, while Ray and Jan Reiner were on furlough, Harold and Joan worked at the Senador Pompeu Baptist Church (Igreja Batista de Senador Pompeu) in Senador Pompeu, Ceará. Using that city as their base, they flew their plane to Martins, Rio Grande do Norte, where they started a congregation. Later, this church was organized as the Martins Baptist Church (Igreja Batista de Martins) in Martins, Rio Grande do Norte. Jim and Maxine Benefiel took over this work. When Jim died, Pete and Louise Brooks moved to Martins, and Pete pastored that Church.

During their last twenty-six years of ministry, they worked at the Remanso Regular Baptist Church (Igreja Batista Regular de Remanso) in Remanso, Bahia. While working at this church, Harold also oversaw the thriving congregations of Pilão Arcado, Pereira, and Tamboril.

In addition to Harold´s church planting ministry, he also served for more than thirty years on the Board of Directors of the Seminário Batista do Cariri. Harold helped form a legal corporation in Brazil known as the SEBMM and formulated the 102 accounting system mandated under new Brazilian laws in the early 1970s. In addition to being one of the founders of the Brazilian missionary sending agency named MAB (Missão Auxiliar Batista), Harold served on the Board of Directors. Harold began the BMM Aviation Program in 1950 which continued until 2006. In 1954, Harold constructed the Big House, the first MK home in Fortaleza.

Harold held the following aviation ratings: FAA Private Pilot, FAA Commercial Pilot, DAC Private Pilot, FAA A&P mechanics rating, DAC Cat 1 Mechanics Rating, that is the rating under Av. Engineer rating. He holds a U.S. Patent on a Wind Power Device. Harold, who started flying airplanes less than forty years after they were invented, flew four mission aircraft from the United States to Brazil. Harold had an airplane ministry for over fifty-five years He says that he got tired of riding horses and mules to the distant areas. Because of that, on his first furlough, he got his pilot’s license. He has the most hours logged of any missionary with any mission in Brazil.

Harold served as treasurer and president for the Brazil Field for many years.